Best Example of Bigg Boss’ Growing Popularity!

Bigg Boss, the Television debut of Young Tiger NTR is cruising with remarkable ratings every week. The TV Show is immensely popular with the Television audience. Here is an example of that. Mahesh Kathi is a Movie Reviewer and is totally alien to outside world until now. But Bigg Boss had done a lot of difference to his popularity.

Mahesh Kathi is at Prasads Multiplex to watch Anando Brahma. As he is there, people who are there mobbed him and competed with each other to shake hands with him. So, Mahesh has become a popular figure solely due to Bigg Boss. He says it is happening daily with him since his elimination from the show. TV Channels are also competing with each other to get exclusive interviews with all the contestants those are eliminated from the show. Almost all the contestants are relatively less busy in their careers right now.

Star MAA continues to be Number One Channel for the fourth week after Bigg Boss Telecast began. Star MAA is not in the First Place anytime in its history before Bigg Boss Telecast. The last Sunday episode with Rana Daggubati delivered 11.7 tvrs while the Weekday episodes have got 7.9 average tvrs, according to BARC Ratings Released earlier today.