Bheeshma Four Days Report

Young hero Nithin’s recent outing Bheeshma is having a dream run near the box office. The film has collected a distributor share of 16.71 CR in four days of its run. The film is expected to reach the breakeven mark by tomorrow. If the film holds well near the box office for a couple of days, then it will turn as a money-spinning machine for distributors.

Here are Bheeshma’s 4-day shares in Telugu states:

Area Collections
Nizam Rs 6.64 Cr
Ceded Rs 2.55 Cr
UA Rs 2.13 Cr
East Rs 1.32 Cr
West Rs 0.97 Cr
Krishna Rs 1.05 Cr
Guntur Rs 1.51 Cr
Nellore Rs 0.54 Cr
AP, TG share Rs 16.71 Cr