Bheeshma Live Review

Bheeshma USA Premiere Show Live Review & Updates
Bheeshma Movie USA Premiere Show Live Review

Bheeshma Live Review Rating: 3/5

Final Talk: The second half of the film continues the momentum of the first half and in fact gets better in some portions. As mentioned earlier, the plotline is very basic and silly but the director succeeded in holding up the audience’s attention with rollicking comedy and entertainment. Nithiin does well and he can breathe a sigh of relief after a long  time since A..Aa. Rashmika once again proves her standing as a talented performer who adds value to the movie. Sampath Raj, Vennela Kishore, Naresh and Raghu Babu put up a good show. The villain’s character played by Jisshu Sengupta is a weak link as he isn’t portrayed strong enough to create an impact. The music and BGM gels with the mood of the film. The production values are good as Sithara Entertainments never compromise on the quality of their films. The film has a lot of shades of past Trivikram movies and it seems director Venky Kudumula has paid a homage to his Guruji. Nithiin has finally hit the bull’s eye with Bheeshma as the film has all the ingredients to attract masses and classes in spite of the flimsy storyline.

Punchline: Audience will Mingle with this Single

8:08 AM: After some mind games between Nithiin and Villain, heroo suceeds in proving his mettle. The film ends on a fun note. The End.

7:55 AM: Time for ‘What a beauty’ song with great dance moves by Nithin and Rashmika

7:42 AM: The much hyped village fight sequence has come out well which will attract front benchers.

7:28 AM: Time for the entertaining ‘Super Cute’ song shot in gorgeous foreign locales.

The Tunnel Kissing scene has come out really well which will be enjoyed by the audience.

7:19 AM: Vennela Kishore joins as driver of Nithiin to take revenge as he lost his job because of him. Raghu Babu plays a scheming villain who wants Nithiin to fail. He joined hands with rival company run by Jisshu Sengupta. All scenes have a comic touch to them.

7:05 AM: Ananth Nag declares Nithin as the temporary CEO and challenges him to prove his worth in 30 days or resign on the 31st day…Some situational comedy is on which is rocking. 

First Half Report: The first half deals with not much story but the director succeeded in running the film without any dull moments. The comedy has worked out well especially scenes involving Sampath Raj and Nithiin clicked big time. The lead pair’s chemistry also adds to the charm of the film. The second half is crucial for the movie where Nithiin takes on the villain Jisshu Sengupta and if that works out well then Bheeshma will have a bright future at the box office.

6:45 AM: There comes an interesting twist and Nithiin is declared as the CEO of Bheeshma Organics.

The film is running on a nice track with comedy being the main force.

6:21 AM: Aswathama Villain Jisshu Sengupta makes an entry as the head of a rival company of Bheeshma Organics.

6:17 AM: Time for teasing love song ‘Sara Sari’ between Rashmika and Nithiin. Decent song.

6:06 AM: Rashmika’s entry as Chaitra also the daughter of Sampath Raj who works at Bheeshma Company. Nithiin gets impressed by her and falls for her already. 

6:02 AM: Sampath Raj joins the scene as a police commissioner and senior actor Naresh makes an entry as Nithiin’s father. 

5:55 AM: Some comedy scenes between Nithiin and his friend Vennela Kishore going on. Time for Singles Anthem song. An Okay song.

5:47 AM: Ananth Nag is introduced as the owner of  Bheeshma Organics company, who is in search of his successor. Nithiin makes a simple yet cool entry.

5:45 AM: Showtime Bheeshma, runtime 150 mins