Talented Beauty On A Mission To Save Planet

Bhumika Pednekar's fight against Climate Change

Bhumi Pednekar is one hell of an actress with some solid hits like Pati, Patni Aur Woh and Bala. The talented actress has now joined hands to run her own non-benefit firm “Climate warrior” that praises genuine legends paving way for setting a trial to initiate environmental change and furthermore instigates to connect with and motivate the young people towards this great move.

On this World Environment Day falling on 5th June, Bhumi is straining every nerve to spread the message in a strong way. She began with a video on her social media account saying, “Dear earthlings what is your one wish for the planet?” a question posed to everyone about what they could do to save the planet. She reiterated that mankind overlooks the threat that has been happening in nature. There are measures being taken, nonetheless, no technology can reverse the damage that happened to date.

Bhumi further added saying that Climate change, as a concept, is still not considered by many people as a real issue today, and it is difficult to comprehend how large it is. She insisted to take this pledge for climate improvement by uniting everyone to save our planet.