Bhuvaneswari midnight masala

Kollywood sex queen Bhuvaneswari on Sunday indulged in free midnight masala to Chennai onlookers on road. She was seen dancing madly with skimpy clothes in fully drunken mode losing her senses. No amount of abuses and shouting from the crowd calmed her down. She enjoyed to her fullest extent before driving off to her house. The incident happened when a resident of Tambaram, Kumar went to watch ‘Tupaki’ Movie at Prarthana Theatre, Chennai. However a car comprising of Madras High Court Judge Damodara Krishna and Bhuvaneswari banged his car from back which led to an argument. Finding that the argument not subsiding on lookers complained to police. When Inspector Krishnamurthy was inquiring on the whole incident, Bhuvaneswari who was fully drunk started dancing in her own style.