Big B noble act

Bachchan’s family is the most revered and respected family in bollywood. Amitabh once again proved that when it comes to paying back no one scales his stature. Amitabh along with his wife Jaya Bachchan is starring in a film produced by his makeup man. Amitabh says Deepak Sawant, his makeup man for three decades never missed his work even for a day and so this is the best he can do for him. He along with Jaya will be acting in a Bhojpuri film titled ‘Ganga Devi’. Earlier Amitabh alone starred in ‘Ganga’ produced by Deepak Sawant in bhojpuri. This time he went a step ahead. Amitabh says “He has made Bhojpuri films before and has cast me in a small role, so I guess this has now become a constant. But it would be difficult to refuse him simply because of his sincerity and his dedication to my face for the endless number of years ,he has been with me. A lot, indeed all of the credit for the face goes to him. he makes me look good and hopefully it pleases people … so there  …”