Why Big B Quitting Twitter?

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Big B Amitabh Bachchan who is ruling the film industry from past couple of decades is well-known for his cool and amicable attitude. In the history of his film career he never lost cool on anyone openly but now, this senior actor got anger.

Shockingly he is not angry on any person!!! He showed his fury on popular social media organization Twitter. Amitabh turned so angry and threatened to quit Twitter. It is known Amitabh Bachchan is the one celebrity who is very active on social networking pages especially on twitter.

He has a record number of followers on various social media platforms. And he was shocked to find that his Twitter followers got reduced day by day. His fan following reduced to 32,902,353 and he was dethroned from the No 1 position by Bollywood Badshah Shah Rukh Khan who got over 32,944,338 followers.

Unable to digest this social media tricks… he posted a serious message of quitting the twitter. He tweeted, “Twitter ..!!!?? you reduced my number of followers .. !!??HAHAHAHAHAHAHA .. !! thats a joke .. time to get off from you .. thank you for the ride ..there are many ‘other’ fish in the sea – and a lot more exciting.”

In General process of deleting the duplicate accounts reduced the twitter followers of Big B and the reduction of his follower made Big B take the shocking decision of coming out from Twitter. Let us wait and see how Twitter will respond on this issue.

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