Bigg Boss-2 Contestants List – Nani Impresses

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The First Episode of Bigg Boss Second Season was aired a little while ago on Star Maa Channel. Natural Star Nani has hosted the Second Season and he seems to have scored good marks in the maiden episode with his natural ease. It has to be seen how things pan out in the remaining Episodes as he has to fit in the big shoes of NTR. The Brand New Set of the Bigg Boss House is flashy while compared to the earlier season. The Sixteen Participants of the show were introduced in this Episode and the list also includes Three commoners. The Participants are:

1. Geetha Madhuri

2. Amit Tiwari

3. Deepthi

4. Tanish

5. Babu Gogineni

6. Bhanu

7. Roll Rida

8. Anchor Syamala

9. Kiriti Damaraju

10. Deepthi Sunaina

11. Kaushal

12. Tejaswi Madivada

13. Samrat Reddy

14. Ganesh

15. Sanjana

16. Nutan Naidu

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