Bigg Boss 2 TRP Rating out-Less Than Season 1

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Telugu version of Bigg Boss season-1 has created a sensation on the small screen with highest TRP/TVR ratings. It is an open secret that NTR hosting has increased the crazy for season 1 and it is one of the main reasons for getting huge TRP ratings on the small screen.

Now, all eyes on recently started season 2 because Hero Nani who is hosting the Bigg Boss season 2 Telugu is receiving a mixed response from the audience who are comparing Nani with NTR who had hosted the season 1. Despite the mixed response the TV show has good TRP ratings and is trending at a number one place. But surprisingly the season 2 TRP ratings are less than season 1.

A while ago Star Maa channel PRO officially announced the TRP rating on his twitter handle, ‘#BiggBossTelugu2 with @NameisNani launched with 15.05 TRP’s and channel growth to 850 GRP’s which is the Highest for @StarMaa Till Date and Channel at No.1 ’.

Bigg Boss Season 2 has got a TRP of 15.05 and the channel growth to 850 GRP’s is the highest for Star Maa Till Date. But the first episode of NTR’s got higher ratings (16.3 TVR) than Nani’s first episode. Buzzes are starting wide that Nani should get improvement in his style of hosting to sustain or to good continue with TRP rating in future.  Let us wait and see will Nani sustain to get decent TRP ratings for Bigg Boss Season 2 or not!!

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