Bigg Boss 3 Episode 55 Highlights

Bigg Boss Third Season is running successfully with good TRP’s. Last night Bigg Boss gave a task to the housemates to get dinner from his end. As per the task, housemates have to guess whether Contestants came the confession room is telling the truth or not. The episode ran on a flat way. Except for the altercation between Varun and Sreemukhi after they got the answer wrong in case of Rahul, nothing seems spicy or exciting. Overall it’s just a passable episode.

On the other hand this week Shilpa, Punarnavi, Mahesh, Himaja, Ravi, and Sreemukhi are in Nomination zone. As per our prediction, Shilpa may get eliminated from the house. Along with that Bigg Boss may surprise the Audience with Double elimination. We can expect Double elimination this week or on next.