Bigg Boss Continues to Keep Star Maa on Top

The Telugu Version of Bigg Boss seems to be growing strong in its popularity. Star MAA continues to be Number One Channel for the third week after Bigg Boss Telecast began. Star MAA is not in the First Place anytime before Bigg Boss Telecast. Needless to say, the channel management and show producers are very delighted. In the third weekend, Bigg Boss Weekend averages at 9.8 tvrs and Weekdays with 8.3 tvrs, according to BARC Ratings Released earlier today.
Jyothi, Madhu Priya, and Sameer have been eliminated from the show until now while Sampoornesh Babu walked out of the show due to Claustrophobia Problem. Bigg Boss is a super hit in Hindi and Tamil as well. Tamil Bigg Boss is a blockbuster due to a small actress, Oviya. But then, the Telugu Show is being shouldered totally by Tarak himself with the contestants being not exciting. Diksha Panth, a small actress was brought into the show as a Wild Card Entry but she is yet to show her mark on Bigg Boss. The Telugu Version show will go on for 70 days and so far, the show has completed 24 days of the telecast. It is inching towards the half way mark.