Bigg Boss Show Organizers Making A Big Mistake?

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Natural Star Nani made his Television debut with the Second Season of Bigg Boss Show initially but the actor is slowly picking up. He is very much improved in the episodes telecast on Saturday and Sunday. But he is still a long way to go to be comparable to NTR. Both the commoners who entered the show – Sanjana and Nuthan Naidu were eliminated in the two weeks so far. These are controversial choices because both of them are most active housemates better than the so-called celebrities.

Sanjana is the most controversial house mater and also would have provided the much-needed drama to keep the interest of the audience intact. Nuthan Naidu is much better than many and was taking on the domination of the celebrities. But then, to give the long run to the celebrities, the show organizers seem to have evicted them from the house. But this will damage the show in the long run. On the other side, there are rumours that Young Tiger NTR will be brought in to the show for one of the Episodes to bring the much-needed push to the show. As we all know, NTR rocked the first season with his excellent hosting skills

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