Bigg Boss Too Used Baahubali?

Creative director SS Rajamouli’s “Baahubali” franchise created sensation across the world and the craze of Baahubali is on peaks still. It is an open fact that the range of Telugu Cinema has completely changed after Bahhubali gigantic success. Currently, most of the Telugu film producers are using the Bahhubali success for expanding the Telugu cinema market to other languages too.
Now, shockingly small screen shows are also using Baahubali craze… The highest TRP rated show in last week, much-hyped show NTR hosting Big Boss too started using Baahubali craze. So the TRP ratings for the show witnessed steep rise up to 16 while until the mid week it got 15.
Many are wondering why there is a sudden huge change in TRP rating in last week, rumors are spreading as due to Baahubali impact!!! What Baahubali impact on Big Boss show? It is known that Big Boss is making the participants to do various tasks and those who witnessed those tasks are left wondering what more they will do for increasing TRPs.
In one such task, in last week Big Boss used Baahubali craze asking the housemates to turn like Baahubali characters, Big Boss asked Singer Kalpana turned Sivagamini, Adarsh turned Nawab, Prince turned Kalakeya, Katti Mahesh turned Kattappa. Whereas Sameer turned Kill Bill Paandey, Dhanraj turned Dr. Bali, Hari Teja turned item girl. Big Boss also said that the best participants will be rewarded. As such Kalpana got the best actress award as Sivagami. Adarsh got the best actor award.
Rumours are speculating as due to Baahubali characters that week TRP ratings are increased. Buzz is that Baahubali craze helped Big Boss to get best TRP ratings!!!