Bigil (Whistle) Live Review

Bigil Live Review

Kollywood superstar Vijay is all set to come up with his forthcoming flick BIGIL (Whistle in Telugu). Vijay will be seen playing a dual role in the film, which is a sports drama. Atlee is helming the venture. Lady superstar Nayanthara is the leading lady in the film, while AR Rahman has scored music. AGS Entertainments is bankrolling the venture, and Mahesh S Koneru bagged the Telugu rights of the movie. The movie will release in both languages on the 25th of this month as Diwali Special.

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BIGIL Live Review rating: 2.75/5

Final Report: The second half of the movie has more meat than the flat first half. The director not only showed the on-field football matches but also touched upon burning issues in society which makes for an interesting viewing. Vijay has done a good job with different variations. Nayanthara looked beautiful and her act is also decent. Vivekh’s comedy didn’t click and is forgettable. The other actors didn’t leave much of a mark as the story completely focussed on Vijay’s character. The music and BGM by AR Rahman are an asset to the movie. The production values are magnificent and the makers must be lauded for such huge efforts. The story and screenplay by Atlee could have been better though his direction is good especially in the second half. The runtime of the movie which is almost 3 hours is another drawback. Bigil might be loved by Vijay fans who will enjoy his performance but for the common audience that go into the theaters to watch some compelling storytelling will be slightly disappointed. The film will have a dream run for the first weekend due to Vijay’s craze but after that, it might find it a little tough.

Punch Line: Expected More Whistle Podu Moments

7;20 AM: Bigil ends on a Happy Note. THE END.

7:10 AM: The final football match going on as the film is reaching its Happy ending.

7:05 AM: Daniel and Jackie shroff join hands to destroy Vijay and his team ambitions which leads to the climax fight.

6:50 AM: Many obstacles are being created for Vijay but fighting against all odds, Vijay turns up for the second football match against Delhi. 

6:40 AM: The film going into Chak De mode as hardcore training scenes going on. Inspirational song ‘Singappaney’ going on. Director Atlee and AR Rahman make a guest appearance in the song. Two girls who were missing from the squad join the team again. 

6:30 AM: A small flashback is shown with one of the girls from the team suffering an acid attack by her stalker. Some emotional scenes going on as the bit song ‘Maathare’ plays in the background.

6:15 AM: A twist in the tale regarding Jackie Shroff who turns out to be one of the villains in the story who has a grudge against Michael(Vijay). Comedian Vivekh is shown as Vijay’s assistant. 

6:05 AM: The movie shifts to Delhi. An unknown attack happens on Vijay to kill him followed by a fight scene. Time for the first football match with Manipur.

First Half Report: The first half is pretty flat and plain with routine and predictable narration. The role of old Vijay, Rayappan could have been more powerful. The music and one fight scene are the plus points of the film till now. We expect a much superior storyline from Atlee and Vijay combo who gave us entertainers like Theri and Mersal. The spirit of football, nationalism and hero elevation has to click in the second half or else the film might disappoint hugely at the box office.

5:50 AM: Bigil alias Michael takes up the role of coach of the women’s football team to fulfill the dream of his deceased father Rayappan. INTERVAL.

5:40 AM: Senior Vijay gets killed, and in a fury of anger Michael who wants to become a football player kills the murderer of his father. Jackie Shroff is the President of the football team.

5:20 AM: Time for some romance Vijay and Nayanthara style, Unakaga song. Decent Song.

5:12 AM: The movie goes into flashback mode. Senior Vijay (dual role) makes an entry as Rowdy Rayappan father of younger Vijay (Michael alias Bigil). 

5:02 AM: Michael(Vijay) to take up the job of women’s football coach.

5:00 AM: Daniel Balaji makes an attack on Michael (Vijay) and ends up in a well-choreographed fight sequence.

4:50 AM: Nayanthara enters as Vijay’s lover Angel, and she looks absolutely gorgeous!

4:38 AM: Time for masses going crazy with Verithanam song. Decent song shot on a massive set with many dancers in the background

4: 33AM: Veteran actor Anandraj and comedian Yogi Babu are Michael’s friends.

4:32 AM: Vijay makes an entry as Captain Michael with a simple fight scene. Crowds going crazy.

4:28 AM: Titles rolling now as students are seen protesting against demolishing of a college which is 150 years old.

4: 25 AM: Showtime BIGIL