Bollywood filmmaker insults Baahubali

When entire world is singing praises of Rajamouli’s creative wonder Baahubali and the film is creating new records doing Indians proud, Bollywood filmmaker Kamaal R Khan insulted Baahubali and entire Tollywood including South films. Though none takes his tweets seriously as he also insulted Salman Khan and many other top Bollywood stars, his tweets are humiliating comparing South Indian heroes as Gadhas, Lukkas Gendas(Rhinos) and other things. 

Here are his tweets. 

Someone told me that these lukkhas are superstars in south industry. What a choice!

Roshan Palla



Actor Vijay

@Samanthaprabhu2 Someone told me that you are very big heroine in south. You look like a hair dresser of Deepika Padukone then how?

Backoff Gadha’s film 

Bahubali coz the lion’s film

Bajrangi Bhaijaan is coming to storm box office on next Friday.

Prabhas n Rana Daggubati should be kept in a Zoo for public instead watching them in film like Baahubali they look like Gendaas. 

Hindi audience will save money this week to watch blockbuster BajrangiBhaijaan next week instead to waste money on animals film

Hero n villain of Baahubali both look like Gendaa so how can Hindi audience dare to watch film of Animals? Hindi audience is not stupid.

Yes Bahubali is very good film for South Indian ppl but it’s a big crap as Bombay Velvet for Hindi audience. N it will be proved tomorrow.


Many gave counters to Kamaal R Khan who deleted these tweets. He forgot that many of Bollywood hits like Pokiri, Kick,Ready,Bodyguard, Gajini,Singham,Singham Returns are remakes of South Indian hits. Even earlier many South Indian films are remade by Jeetendra, Anil Kapoor (Nayak The real hero), Amitabh Bachchan (Surya Vamsham).