Boyapati Surrenders To Fans’ wishes

Boyapati Srinu is facing a crisis in his career after delivering back-to-back flops like Jaya Janaki Nayaka and Vinaya Vidheya Rama. He seriously needs to reinvent himself if he is looking for a long-term career in Tollywood. Balakrishna is also out of form and has been delivering miserable films since 2017. His upcoming film Ruler also is not looking very promising and even the fans aren’t excited about Ruler. They have pinned all their hopes on Boyapati Srinu who kinda gave a new lease of life to Balakrishna with films like Simha and Legend.

The Nandamuri clan fans have requested Boyapati to design something new and fresh for Balayya. They want Boyapati to explore a new side of Balakrishna in his next. Boyapati has surrendered to their wish and he has promised them that his next movie will be a treat for Balayya fans who will witness a never-before-seen Balakrishna on-screen. It will be a completely new Balakrishna in terms of looks, characterization, mannerisms, and performance.

Let us hope ‘Achhe Din’ will come back for Balakrishna fans.