Will Brahmanandam Re-invent Himself?

Brahmanandam's emotional role in Rangamaarthanda

Brahmanandam shares a special place in the hearts of the Telugu movie audience. You will never find anyone who hasn’t laughed at his brilliant performances as a comedian in so many movies. He is someone who is beyond just a comedian and he has also made people cry in films like Anna and Satruvu.

In 1992, he also acted as a lead actor in Jandhyala’s Babai Hotel which was a critical success but a box office failure. But it seems director Krishna Vamshi is going to explore the lesser-seen side of Brahmanandam in his next movie Rangamaarthanda.

This film is a remake of the Marathi blockbuster Natsamrat and sources close to the film vouch that Brahmanandam’s act will move everyone to tears in the theaters. If the film works and Brahmanandam’s character gets appreciated we can say Brahmi will re-invent himself again!