Brahmotsavam storyline revealed

Prince Mahesh Babu who is starring in ‘Srimanthudu’ is readying for his next ‘Brahmotsavam’ under the direction of Srikanth Addala. Mahesh will be romancing with three heroines Samantha, Kajal and Praneetha with Satyaraj, Revathi playing as Mahesh Babu Parents. 

In the meantime a source reveals the storyline informing, "This is a film about family values and celebrating the traditions. It is about the bonding between a father (Sathyaraj) and his son (Mahesh), and the story revolves around the mother (Revathy) family. The three heroines play a pivotal role in the story and in the manner in which the hero realizes the value of a family. They go out on a journey exploring the family lineage and their place in the larger scheme of family links".