Brindavanam Preview Talk

The output of the movie is good and colorful, with good picturation. The set in the movie is excellent, 60 % of the movie revolves round the set, the set is a family house, which is a remarkable point in the movie.

First part of the movie is good, with live comedy between NTR & Venu Madhav, coming to second half, the story revolves around family elements and at this phase the movie has gone down, at the final phase  of  20 minutes  the movie got accelerated, all the songs are good on screen. We have to wait and see, how the family audiance will receive this family drama, where NTR plays a family role. As per Industrial Pandits, this movie will be an above average movie. 


stay tuned for live movie review of Brindavanam.


Brindavanam Preview Talk
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