Budget Headaches for Praveen Sattaru

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Making a film in Budget is an Art of the director which helps the producer to make profits. But how many directors are making films in given budget is a big question. Exceeding one or two crores is common but making the film on double budget is defiantly a big headache for producers. The same has happened in case of Rajasekhar’s PSV Garudavega. Praveen Sattaru who scored good marks with this film has initially started the film with a budget of 6 crores but it finally shot up to 15 crores. Although the film has got good talk it failed to recover the budget.

Now Praveen Sattaru is once again struggling to close the budget for his upcoming entertainer in which Ram pothineni is playing the lead role. As the film has to be shot in snow-capped places and with a lot of VFX works Praveen Sattaru is confused in finalizing the budget. As per industry sources Sravanthi Movies who are producing the film requested Praveen Sattaru to give a proper figure regarding the budget. However, we have to wait and see can Praveen Sattaru come with a sensible budget or not.

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