Bullet kisses Neetu Chandra.

“Godavari” fame Neetu Chandra who is a busy actress in Kollywood was seriously injured in her Tamil film “Aadhi Bhagawan” shooting. A bullet has kissed Neetu Chandra’s lips and she was seriously injured. 

Going into depth of news Jeyam Ravi and Neetu Chandra are paired in a Tamil film “Aadhi Bhagawan” directed by Ameer. Shooting for the film has been happening in Thailand. A fighting scene was shot recently when a bullet brushed Neetu Chandra’s lips and injured her.

Talking about it Neetu Chandra said, “This happened on the first day of shooting for the film “Aadhi Bhagawan”. They were shooting a scene in which a gun fighting starts as I am walking towards a ship after getting down from a car. After they had given the okay, I got down from the car when a bullet came at me. I tried to get away but it brushed my lip. I started bleeding and my vision started blurring. The unbearable pain made me cry and I was given the first aid. I was fortunate to escape with my life. I am resting now”.

Bullet kisses Neetu Chandra.
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