Butter Milk Promotions for Mehbooba

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Puri Jagannadh and Akash Puri’s Mehbooba Team has started a Unique Promotion this Summer. The team has arranged a few vans carrying the promotional material of the film. They ply around the city and will offer Butter Milk for free to people who are toiling in the harsh sun in the summer season. This is an innovative yet useful promotion. Mehbooba is all set for a grand release on 11th of this month. Dil Raju is going to release the movie in which Puri introduces his son as a hero. The Senior Producer cum Distributor Dil Raju earlier released Puri’s Blockbusters like Idiot and Pokiri. The promotions of the film will begin very soon.
Mehbooba is said to be a romantic story between a young boy and young girl in the turbulent times of 1971 Indo Pakistan War.
Sandeep Chowta is the film’s music composer. Puri himself is producing the movie under Puri Connects banner. The ace director claims the script to be his highly intense and passionate love story for the first time ever Which is completely out of his repertoire of ideas. Puri Jagannadh is going through severe turbulent times with back to back flops bogging his career and his market is depleting with every failure. Mehbooba has a double responsibility to Puri Jagannadh as he has to resurrect his own career as well as help his son with this movie success.

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