Why Mahesh is scared of May?

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Mahesh has given hits across all seasons and months of an year. But a particular month has been disastrous for Mahesh. And it is the month of May.

Three of Mahesh’s movies were released in May over the years and all of them turned out to be disasters of epic proportions. Nijam was released in May 2003, Nani released in May 2004 and Brahmotsavam in May 2016. Even Mahesh has observed this trend and he has been cautiously making sure none of his future movies release in the month of May.

But as fate has it, Mahesh’s most prestigious and much awaited biggie ‘Maharshi’ has been postponed from 25th April to 9th May 2019. This has caused utter dismay among Mahesh fans. They want Maharshi to be a record breaking hit but they are dreadful of the ‘May’ jinx.

Mahesh tried his best to avoid Maharshi releasing in the month of May but he couldn’t. Mahesh must be praying that Maharshi will break this jinx or it would prove too costly for all the parties concerned.

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