Can Srinu Vaitla Impress Megastar?

Up to a couple of years, back Srinu Vaitla’s films are like a roller coaster ride. He has a separate fan base that will die to watch his movies on day one itself; whoever the hero is, it doesn’t matter. But gone are golden days currently the star director is in lean pace. For the last few years, he has not even scored a single hit. With his recent track record, many heroes are not showing interest to work with him. The star director is now planning to bounce back with a bang.

As per the latest update, Srinu Vaitla is planning his next project with none other than Megastar Chiranjeevi. Already Srinu Vaitla has narrated the plot to Chiranjeevi on the sets of his 152nd film. Chiranjeevi, who is impressed with the plot, asked him to come up with a bound script. If all goes as per plans, this film will be a game-changer in Srinu Vaitla’s career.