Censor Hurdles for RGV’s Officer?

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Maverick director Ram Gopal Varma doesn’t make the films without any controversies, he concentrates more on negative publicity rather than positive talk on his films. It is known that after long gap   King Nagarjuna and Ram Gopal Varma are teamed for an action entertainer ‘Officer’ which is all set for grand release on May 25th as summer treat to Akkineni fans.

Many rumors spread wide in the industry that the film release may postpone because of RGV current riff with Pawan Kalyan fans on Sri Reddy issues which are going negative side on RGV of boycotting his films. But bold RGV hooked all by unveiling a release date poster of the film.

On another side, Ram Gopal Varma who is vigorously participating in interviews has revealed that he shot one of the most violent physical fights ever for the film. Ram Gopal Varma is known for his violence and Gore but now many questions raising in Film Nagar circles that RGV’s ‘Officer’ will face Censor hurdles.

According to buzzes, in recent times Censor Board is too strict to allow such violence. It has to be seen if the movie faces any problem from the Board or not. If the news of RGV impended more violence in the film than definitely censor members will create hurdles to Officer.

The duo Nagarjuna and RGV who delivered classic hits like ‘Shiva’ and ‘Antham’ have failed to generate positive buzz on ‘Officer’. The film has zero buzzes in film Nagar circles. Due to undergoing riff of RGV with Pawan fans there is a lot of negative spreading on social media against the film. Nagarjuna will be seen as SIT Officer in this story based out in Mumbai. A newcomer Myra Sareen is romancing Nagarjuna in this film. Let us wait and see will Akkineni fans save RGV who is delivering back to back flops from a couple of years.

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