Change of Release Plan for Devadas?

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King Nagarjuna and Natural Star Nani’s Multistarer film is titled ‘Devadas’. The makers have not confirmed their release date so far but only said it will release in September. Earlier there are speculations that the movie will release on September 12th as Vinayaka Chaviti Special. But now, we are told that the film may release on September 27th. The release date will mean that there is another holiday in the first week due to Gandhi Jayanti on October 2nd.

Rumours are that it is based on a Hollywood Movie, Analyze This (1999) wherein Nagarjuna will be reprising the Role Played by Robertt De Niro as a Don and Nani will be Playing Billy Crystal as a Doctor. It is the story of a doctor who has to reluctantly live with a don. But then, the director refutes the rumours and says his is an original script. The Title poster released recently indicate that it has some resemblance to Analyze This. Melody Brahma Mani Sharma is composing music for the film. Both Nani (Krishnarjuna Yuddham) and Nagarjuna (Officer) have delivered big flops with their last films and are looking to bounce back at any cost with this movie.

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