Change of Path Minting Money for Sunil?

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Comedian turned Hero Sunil’s Last Release, 2 Countries has ended as a huge disaster at the box office. It was a non-starter right from its release day and the movie has become number one disaster in Sunil’s career. With this miserable failure, now producers have lost confidence to make films with Sunil as a hero. Krishnashtami, Eedu Gold Ehe, Ungarala Rambabu… all films were flops. Some of the films have also failed to get satellite deals as well. A miracle should happen to Sunil’s career (as a hero) to be back on track.

The actor shifted to comedian roles and has four films in hand. He has got crucial roles with Trivikram Srinivas, Srinu Vaitla, Bheemaneni Srinivas, and Hanu Raghavapudi. The makers are offering as much as Four Lakhs per day to the actor while he barely used to get his full remuneration while he played a Hero. Some makers are even giving him Five Lakhs per day. With Brahmi out of form, except for Vennela Kishore, there are no notable comedians in the Telugu film industry. Finally, reality and sanity seem to be dawned on Sunil. It has to be seen if this change in Sunil is permanent or not.

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