Charmi quoting high than worth

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It looks like Stunning beauty charmi is quoting rather than she worth? Coming into the News Charmi who is taking care of business for the film ‘Mehbooba’ is quoting around Rs.1.5 Crores for the overseas rights. It came as a huge shock because the film was coming under the direction of Puri Jagannath who is suffering from lack of hits. That too, it has no star cast both the lead pair was filled with fresh faces then how Charmi Quote such a huge amount. Trade circles too are wondering for demanding such a high price for ‘Mehbooba’.

Nowadays overseas rights have become a key point in the success of a film near the box-office. So many new distributors also entered into overseas rights by watching the craze. But due to lack of knowledge on market, they are accepting the price quoted by makers which are being very high compared to the market due to this they are vanishing after a couple of films. Not only New distributers some of the well known overseas distribution houses too received shock with the trade. If we had a look at recently released films, the same we can see. Stay tuned for this space for more interesting updates.

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