Chi La Sow Movie Review

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Movie: Chi La Sow

Rating: 2.75/5

Writing and Direction: Rahul Ravindran

Behind the Screens:

Akkineni Family Hero, Sushanth’s last film, Aatadukundham Raa is a big disaster at the box office even though it had cameos of several Akkineni heroes. The young hero who became a synonym of flops is keen on making a comeback at any cost. Let us see how the movie releasing today fares with the audience.


Arjun (Sushanth) is reluctant to marry for the next five years. He wants to earn big money, buy a car and go on to Europe Tour but his family pressurizes him to get married. They forcibly take him to Marriage Looks with Anjali (Ruhani Sharma) who is an independent working girl. She needs to get married for her own set of problems. Rest of the story is all about how their lives change in the next 24 hours.

Star Shine:

Sushanth looked confident and is natural in the role of Arjun. His comedy timing also improved a bit. Ruhani Sharma’s character is the highlight of the film and she walked through it effortlessly in a role with substance emoting with eyes. She is good even without makeup. Vennela Kishore helps the movie big time with some very good comedy. Rohini and Anu Haasan as mothers are good. Vidyullekha Raman and Rahul Ramakrishna are okay in parts. The rest of the characters are okay.


Rahul Ravindran did a very good job both as a writer and the director. The only problem is that the story which happens in a day is excruciatingly slow. He should have limited the run time. Even though there are some glitches here and there, he tried to cover them up with some good comedy and subtle emotions. Sukumar’s camera work is good particularly the scenes in the night effect. Prashant Vihari’s music is good. Editing is okay. Production Values are good.


The initial sequences in the film are slow and the director failed to reveal quickly why the hero is so reluctant to get married. The story begins only with the Marriage Looks Episode and from then, the scenes between the lead pair are interesting. The story takes a turn in the second half with the twists leading to another direction. The director tries to keep it as natural as possible touching contemporary issues like problems faced by a girl, what boys expect from marriage, and the problems in the arranged marriages etc. Even though there are issues with pace at times, Chi La Sow is all fun and sweet which will appeal to the family audience.

Movie Marks:

Chi La Sow: Decent Rom-Com

Cast: Sushanth, Ruhani Sharma, Vennela Kishore, and Others

Producer: Akkineni Nagarjuna, Jaswanth Nadimpalli, Bharath Kumar, and Hari

DOP: M. Sukumar

Music: Prashant R Vihari

Editor: Chota K Prasad

Banner: Siruni Cine Corporation and Annapurna Studios

Release Date: 3rd August 2018

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