Chinababu Movie Review

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Movie: ChinaBabu

Rating:  2.75/5

Behind the Screens:

Tamil Hero Karthi who has a notable market in the Telugu Industry is being hit by back to back flops in the recent times. It is a problem for his brother Suriya as well and Karthi picked it now. He has pinned all his hopes on his today release, Chinababu. Let us see if the movie will appeal to the audience.


Rudraraju (Sathyaraj) has five daughters and a son, Chinababu (Karthi) who lives on agriculture. Chinababu is a family man and his sisters are his World. Chinababu is in love with Neela (Sayyesha Saighal) but his sisters and their husbands do not like her. Rudraraju wants his son to marry without hurting anyone in the family. Rest of the story is all about how Chinababu convinces the family.

Star Shine:

Karthi is a major plus to the film and walks through his role in the rural drama comfortably. His dialogues work very well and his performance in the climax earns brownie points. Sathyaraj is good in the supporting role while Sayyesha is okay as the heroine. Tamil Comedian Soori excelled leaving the audience in splits. Rest of the supporting cast is fine.


Director Pandiraj came up with a strong story and embedded with enough emotions. He also made sure that there is good comedy. On the flipside, there is too much of Tamil nativity in the film. Dialogues are well-written while the music by D Imman is ordinary. The camera work is good and the editing is adequate. The Production Values are appropriate.


The first half of the film largely deals with establishing the characters and is stuffed with entertainment. The second half is more of the conflict and the family sentiment. Comedy and the sentiment worked largely even though there is a big dose of Tamil nativity making it a decent fare and watchable to the audience.

Movie Marks:

Chinababu – Watchable Rural Family Drama

Cast: Karthi, Sayyesha Saigal, Soori, Sathyaraj, and Others

Writing and Direction: Pandiraj

Producer: Suriya

DOP: Velraj

Music: D Imman

Editor: Ruben

Banner: 2D Entertainment

Release Date: 13th July 2018

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