Choosi Choodangaane Live Review & Rating

Choosi Choodangaane Live Review & Rating

Myfirstshow Choosi Choodangaane Live Review rating: 2.5/5

Final talk: Choosi Choodangaane is a youthful entertainer with a breezy first half and a heavy emotional second half. The comedy worked in bits and parts but the sentimental love in the latter portions of the film appears contrived. Newcomers Shiva, Varsha have done well. If they choose scripts wisely they might have a decent future in Tollywood. Malavika is ok as she doesn’t have much of a role in the movie. The production values aren’t of any high standard and gives a feeling of watching a short film. The plus points of the film are fresh faces, decent music, and no vulgarity. If the second half also had an equal amount of entertainment mixed with emotions, Choosi Choodangaane would have been a better watch.

Punchline: Choosi Choodanattu…

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9:00 AM: Finally, True love wins and the film comes to an end with the couple happily living ever after.

8:54 AM: Realizations taking place between the characters with some sentimental scenes going on.

The film is moving high on emotions and less comedy. The pace has dipped considerably compared to first half.

8:42 AM: Hero spoils Varsha’s birthday plans. Time for sad song ‘Yemaiindho Telusa’ 

8:38 AM: Movies shifts to present and Varsha is engaged now which upsets Shiva.

8:33 AM: Heart broken Varsha leaves for Texas for higher studies.

8:27 AM: The real reason behind Malavika and Varsha’s love story and breakup revealed.

8:21 AM: The seond half starts with story being told from Varsha’s point of view. Nee venakunna song going on..

First Half Report: The first half is youthful with some decent comedy and romance in bits and parts. The story isn’t anything novel but it has to be seen what the second half has in store for us.

8:11 AM: The story moves to flashback… college days

8:07 AM: Just when Shiva decides to propose Varsha at a coffee shop, there’s a small twist in the tale. Varsha and Malavika are friends.

8:00 AM: Hero tells Varsha about his past with Malavika. 

7:52 AM: Nee Parichayamutho song going on. Nice feel-good song.

7::49 AM: Varsha is a wannabe musician. Some chemistry now happening between her and Shiva.

7:41 AM: The story takes a jump of 3 years. Shiva is now a wedding photographer. He meets the second heroine Varsha. 

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7: 35 AM: There’s some misunderstanding and it’s breakup between Shiva and Malavika. Shiva gets depressed.

7:28 AM: Shiva meets Malavika Satheesan and love happens which turns into relationship. Time for ‘Nede Naaku’ song. Decent Song.

7:26 AM: Hero joins Mechanical engineering

7:20 AM: Pavitra Lokesh and Anish Kuruvilla are his parents

7:17 AM: Hero Shiva introduced who starts tellling his story about how he is being mistreated since childhood for no rhyme and reason.

7:15 AM: Showtime Choosi Choodangaane

Shiva Kandukuri, Varsha Bollamma and Malavika Satheesan starrer, the romantic-comedy Choosi Choodangaane is all set for release Today. Let’s check out the live review.