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Maverick director Ram Gopal Varma is known for his controversial statements and his frank speaking attitude. It is open fact that he is genius and his way of analyzing the situations are different and logical. But many times he made rivals more than fans due to his open mind, his careless attitude and objectionable behavior.

Recently he turned as real villain to Mega Fans and Mega family with Sri Reddy issue and even some of the industry bigwigs want to ban him from Tollywood industry. Now, one the Civils topper from Telugu speaking states given a big shock to Mega Fans saying that RGV’s interviews inspired him to crack the Civils exams and to remove the restricted thinking blogs from his mind.

Going into the news, Durishetty Anudeep, a native of Chittapur village near Metpally town in Jagtial district of Telangana,  who is presently in the Indian Revenue Services (IRS), emerged topper in the  Civil Services examination this year. This was his fourth attempt at Civils. He secured 624 ranks in Civil Services examination.

Yadavalli Akshay Kumar recently attended an interview and made some interesting comments on the sensational filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma.  Yadavalli Akshay Kumar praised RGV and said that he was inspired by Ram Gopal Varma.

He said initially RGV films inspired him but later watching his interviews he removed all blogs in his mind.  He added, ‘ Initially I have some restricted gateways in my mind regarding society which always disturbed my concentration but after watching RGV’s interview and the way he analyzes life helped me to cope up and remove all blogs in my mind. I never hesitate to tell RGV indirectly helped me to crack civils’.

   After watching the Interview RGV who was overwhelmed took his Twitter page and made some interesting tweets.

Here are RGV’s tweets, ‘For all those who thought I inspire only criminals and perverts take a listen to what this Civil Topper is saying  …The  irony is that I was a terrible student and failed in Civil engineering twice but proud of it’

He added by posting Akshay interview link, ‘Yedavalli Akshay Kumar a Civils Topper takes inspiration from a failed Civil engineer  …Watch from 23:45 to 28:30 Hey Akshay I would like to meet you and talk to u about education’

This news is circulating virally on social media and RGV fans are happy with it. And at the same time Power Star fans started trolls.

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