Clarity About the Hanging of Nirbhaya Convicts

There were rumors that the convicts of Nirbhaya Gang Rape will be hanged to death on 16th December, the same day seven years later, after they committed the heinous crime. However, there is no official confirmation about it as their mercy petition is pending with the President of India. They can be hanged any time if President rejects it.

“Vinay Sharma, convicted of the Nirbhaya gang rape, was shifted from Mandauli Jail to Tihar Jail. Mukesh, Pawan, and Akshay are already lodged in Tihar Jail. The Tihar Jail Administration is now awaiting the President’s decision. The President is most likely to reject the mercy petition, and if there is a chance, he can be hanged on any day immediately after that,” a source in the Government told us.