“Come To Resort, I Reveal All My Secrets”

Tollywood is a very strange place where there is recognition for talent and also exploitation of beauty. A recent disgusting act of a senior Tollywood actor has now become the topic of discussion in film circles.

A famous beautiful anchor who is very famous for her ‘assets’ went to this very famous senior actor for an interview. This senior actor was once a regular in Tollywood movies. Almost every other film featured him in an important role.

During the interview, the actor couldn’t resist the charms of this anchor. By hook or crook, he wanted to spend some “quality” time with her. So he told her that his life is full of sensational incidents that can be written as a biopic. He offered her to come to his resort for a day or two so that he can open up and reveal all the shocking secrets of his life.

The anchor who was shrewd enough to understand his vile intentions refused the offer and finished the interview as soon as possible. She is now sharing this incident with her near and dear ones and expressing her disgust over the perverse nature of that senior actor.