Comedian Finally Hits The Big League

Comedian Sathya hits big league with Mathu Vadalara

Comedian Sathya has become a known face for the last few years. He got a break with the con-comedy film Swamy Ra Ra and since then he has been giving consistently good performances in films like Chalo, Rangasthalam, Gaddalakonda Ganesh and many more films. But he still wasn’t considered a top comedian. But now all that is going to change as he finally hit the big league with this week’s release ‘Mathu Vadalara’.

Mathu Vadalara is a comic crime thriller that has won great reviews and with good word of mouth, the film is generating solid revenues. The person who has benefitted the most from the success of this film is comedian Sathya who just hit the ball through the roof with his comedy in this film. The audience is hailing it as a one-man show by Sathya.

Let us hope he gets deserving roles that do justice to his talent and he doesn’t get bitten by the ‘I-will-become-a-hero’ bug, like other comedians.