Complaint Against Bigg Boss In HR Commission

A Social Worker named Atchutha Rao approached Andhra Pradesh Human Rights Commission alleging that the Punishments given in Bigg Boss Show are inhuman and in violation of Human Rights. Closing Mouth with Plaster, Asking to chop Onions for hours, Taking 50 dives in Swimming Pool, Asking to sleep in Garden etc. are all inhuman, the complainant said. It has to be seen if the commission will take up the complaint.

On the other side, ‘Bigg Boss’ seems to be growing strong in its popularity. The second week ratings are better than the first week ratings. Star MAA continues to be Number One Channel for the second week after ‘Bigg Boss’ Telecast began. Star MAA is not in the First Place at least for one week this year before ‘Bigg Boss’ Telecast. Needless to say, the channel management and show producers are very delighted. Jyothi, Madhu Priya, and Sameer have been eliminated from the show while Sampoornesh Babu walked out of the show due to Claustrophobia Problem. ‘Bigg Boss’ is a super hit in Hindi and Tamil as well. Tamil Bigg Boss’ is a blockbuster due to a small actress, Oviya. But then, the Telugu Show is being shouldered totally by Tarak himself with the contestants being not exciting.