Credit War On F2 Success

Victory Venkatesh and Mega Prince Varun Tej’s F2 is going great guns at the Box Office. The movie is a clear Sankranthi Winner and is heading towards being a smashing hit. But then this has led to a new problem. Mega fans want to tag themselves as Sankranthi Winner and so are claiming Varun Tej as F2 Real Hero.
They say since Varun Tej has a 47 Crore Share film much higher than Venkatesh, F2 Success should be credited to the Mega Hero. But then Venkatesh fans say that this is Gross injustice and it was their hero who carried the entire film on his shoulders. Going by the opinion of the common audience, critics, and reviews, the credit should go to Venkatesh only even though Varun Tej did a decent job in the film.

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