Genius director miffed with Suresh Babu?

Venkatesh Maha

C/O Kancherapalem was one of the most critically acclaimed films of Tollywood in recent times. The film went on to win several national and international accolades and made TFI proud. The film was brought for a meager amount of 36 lakhs and distributed by Suresh Babu. The film was a great success collecting more than 12 crore share at the worldwide box office.

But Suresh Babu hasn’t shared an iota of that profit with the original makers of the film which he promised after the release. The director Venkatesh Maha who is the genius behind this great movie is seriously miffed with Suresh Babu for not honoring his commitment. Right now, he is working on his next project and definitely wouldn’t like to collaborate with Suresh Babu ever again.