Dads giving their sons a run for their money

Dads giving their sons a run for their money

A few decades back, an actor who is past his prime couldn’t match up to the physique, looks of the upcoming stars and used to get fade out. But now the scenario has changed. Senior-most heroes are also giving a run for their money to young superstars and also to their sons who are active stars in the cinema field. With the help of a healthy diet and rigorous workout, they are maintaining their youthful looks and the results are simply amazing.

Chiranjeevi is looking absolutely dashing in his new look after the makeover. In some of the recent pics, it wouldn’t be wrong to say he is looking better than even his son Ram Charan

Balakrishna who looked haggard in NTR Biopic is back to looking at his charming best in the upcoming film with KS Ravikumar. Nandamuri fans are hailing it as his best look in recent years and are even comparing it to Tony Stark look from the Avengers. Mokshagna might be getting insecure seeing his Dad’s smashing look.

Nagarjuna looked absolutely young and charming in Manmadhudu 2. No doubt that he has more female fan than Chay and Akhil following even today

So it’s time for younger stars like NTR, Ram Charan, Mahesh, Allu Arjun must pull up their socks because for the senior legends, picture Abhi bahut baaki hai.