Danayya Waives Off 70 Lakhs for VVR USA Distributor

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Mega Power Star Ram Charan’s Vinaya Vidheya Rama is looking to close at $250K at the USA Box Office. It means the movie is likely to end up as a Big Disaster. Prior to the movie release, the Overseas Distributor of the film owed 70 Lakhs to the Producer, DVV Danayya. The Producer kept him as surety to the film’s financier and released the film.

The movie ended up as a big disaster and the Distributor adding to the failure also had to pay the 70 Lakhs legally. Danayya intervened at this moment and waived off the 70 Lakhs to the Distributor which came as a huge relief for him at this time of distress. The failure of Vinaya Vidheya Rama came immediately after the Super Success of Rangasthalam which minted Three Million Dollars and so this failure has come as a huge embarrassment.

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