Darbar Distributors Trying To Meet Rajinikanth

In recent time Rajinikanth films are scaring the trade. So many films which were released in recent time have failed near the box office. Rajinikanth’s recent outing Darbar has also joined the list. The trade who are involved in the Darbar business lost massive amounts. Now Distributors of Darbar are trying to meet Rajinikanth to discuss the losses.

Initially, they went to the Rajini Makkal Mandram office at Ragavendra Hall, but there were no concerned officials at the office. They are now trying to meet Rajinikanth at his residence. The distributors said that they had approached Lyca Production for help, but as the film failed near the box office, Lyca Production’s said they wouldn’t be able to do much. The distributor added that they have incurred a loss of 30% of the investment.