Dasari targets Tollywoood stars


Dasrasaka Ratna Dasari Narayana Rao known for his ballistic ways blasted top Tollywood stars and lashed out at the degrading standards in film making. Speaking at press conference held at Film Chamber for a book release of director Suresh Krishna’s ‘Baasha tho Nenu’ and even promised to come out with a book exposing the dirty acts of stars and their tantrums. He said except for MGR, NTR, Amithabh Bachan who are stars and Rajinikanth who is one and only super star, others don’t be qualified as stars.

He said “I will write a book soon that will expose the real histories of some film celebrities. I have given a life to many people in the film industry when they did not even have an address to their name. I have sacrificed a lot to bring people up in the industry and today, they are criticizing me and challenging me without respect”. 

To the top of it he blasted the film makers for the falling standards and targeted them for taking refuge in technology developments. He compared both old and new films and how prints of even one year old film getting spoiled. He said none in the present lot have knowledge of basic things.

He in a subtle manner targetting Nayak, SVSC and other films gearing up for sankranthi releases said  “Where is the creativity in screenplay of our films today? I will openly challenge – The screenplay of our films is a blatant copy of Rajinikanth’s Bhasha. This is applicable even to some films releasing for Sankranthi 2013".

Dasari targets Tollywoood stars
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