DeepikaÂ’s debut always with Veterans


Deepika Padukone who made her debut in ‘Om Shanti Om’ in Hindi with Sharukh Khan was seen romancing a lot of Veterans in the same movie through Digital Technology she was seen with Manoj Kumar, Dilip Kumar, Jeetendra and many more. So this time while she is debuting herself in Tamil Cinema, again a similar kind of thing for her, though it’s still under wraps, but we have learnt from the bee that the movie ‘Kocchadaiyan’ Staring SuperStarRajini, will have yesteryears stars and comedians in the movie with the help of Digital technology, the stars mostly seen will be M N

Nambiar, P S Veerappa, Asokan, R S Manohar and Nagesh, probably playing double role. The film also boasts about capturing Rajini with Performance with Capturing Technology. The movie has special make-up artist for each of the main characters, supposedly played by Rajini Kanth, he is playing three roles in this movie, one as Kocchadaiyan named Ranadheeran an 8thCentury AD Emperor, the other being an Youngster, the third as of Warrior Ashoka.The movie will also have Jackie Shroff, Nasser, Shobhana, Sarath Kumar. The music is by A R Rehman.