Devaraya Movie Review

Devaraya Movie Review

Movie:                      Devaraya

Rating:                     2/5

Director:                   Nani Krishna

Behind the screens 

Srikanth who is looking to maintain his identity on silver screen came as ‘Devaraya’ today. He has two hotties Vidisha and Meenakshi Dixit romancing him in the direction of Nani Krishna. Let us see what impact Srikanth created with his dual role.

Story Line
Amalapuram glamor boy Dora Babu (Srikanth) who enjoys playing cards with his gang and also with gals in nights gets smitten by the beauty of Swapna(Vidisha),grand daughter of teacher (Ranganath). He tries to win her over but in the meantime changes completely after his grand mother lambasts him for his evil thoughts. Swapna’s grand father however has change of mind when he notices sudden change in Dora Babu’s behaviour.

However on the day of engagement, everyone comes to know that Dora Babu’s days are numbered. What is the secret behind Dora Babu, Royal ruler Srikrishna Devaraya and the ancient temple in shackles, what are the evil intentions of Peddayya(Jai Prakash Reddy) should be found out on silver screen.

Star Shine

Srikanth looked royal as Sri Krishna Devaraya though in Dorababu he looked listless. Vidisha and Meenakshi Dixit are just in the film for glamor treat. Vidisha looked hot while, Meenakshi Dixit mesmerised all as Sunanda with her dances.Balayya, Ranganath, Sivaji Raja, M.S. Narayana, Raghu Karumanchi and Jayaprakash Reddy tried to arise the interest in the film but failed miserably in their attempts.


Nani Krishna must be balmed for the debacle of Devaraya. First half highlighted the cheap taste of the director and the film makers. What they tried to pass it as comedy is nothing short of C grade stuff which makes viewers uneasy. First half is a total failure and when everyone expected that the film will pick up pace after Srikanth’s appearance as Srikrishna Devaraya, even those expectations are belied.
Sudden appearance of songs and Srikanth’s slow movements tested the patience of all. Inept climax left all fuming at the director. People were seen leaving the hall cursing the film makers. Director’s inexperience in screenplay came to the fore at crucial moments.


Below standard production values came as a surprise. Graphics, VFX work which forms the heart and soul of any socio fantasy film are substandard. BGM and songs by Chakri failed to impress viewers. Dharmendra’s editing and Poorna’s cinematorgaphy leaves much to be desired.

Movie Marks

Devaraya ends disastrous year for Srikanth. These kind of films fasten the disappearance of Srikanth from film industry.

Producer: Kiran Jakkam Shetty , Nani Krishna
Cinematography:  Poorna
Editing: Dharmendra
Music: Chakri
Starring: Srikanth, Meenakshi Dikshit, Vidisha

Release date: 07 Dec 2012
Devaraya Movie Review
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