Dhanraj Interview About Devi Sri Prasad Movie

Comedian Dhanraj has come into the limelight with Bigg Boss Show. He is all set to have his first release post-Bigg Boss Show with ‘Devi Sri Prasad’ releasing on this Friday. Ahead of the movie release, MyFirstShow.com team caught up with him for a detailed interview:

Q: What is Devi Sri Prasad?

This is a Heroine Oriented Film. The heroine is the Hero. We play negative shade character and I play Sri. Bhupal is seen as Devi and Manoj Nandan as Prasad. The story is all about what happens when a heroine is killed and we three try to rape her body when her body comes to the mortuary.

Q: Premiere Before the Movie Release?

We know the film has come out very well. We wanted everyone to know that and we screened it to some heroes and they liked it very much. They also promised to promote the film.

Q: Your Role in the film?

I play Mortuary Boy. I liked the role very much. I did the film without taking remuneration for director Kishore and he did really well.

Q: Negative Response to the Teaser and Trailer?

Everyone thinks that the movie is a vulgar film but is not. It is a youth film. The director handled it very well. We even showed the film to some girls and women and they also liked it. So we are confident.

Q: How is the work of director Kishore?

Kishore is one director who canned the film same as he narrated it to me. He worked for few films in the past and he also made the film on shoestring budget and in just 15-20 days working hard day and night. There is no Devi Sri Prasad without Kishore.

Q: Your Upcoming Films?

I have two films ready for release. Both the films – London Babulu and Devi Sri Prasad are releasing on the same day and I am excited. I am doing an emotional character in London Babulu like in Pilla Zamindar. People will get to know that Dhanraj can do any role after watching Devi Sri Prasad.

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