Differences in Naresh Panel Right from The Day One

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After a hard-fought election, Naresh today took Oath as the new MAA President. Outgoing President Sivaji Raja who tried to stop the Oath Taking Ceremony until this month-end got compromised and attended the Ceremony. Unexpectedly, issues have cropped within Naresh Panel and they are out there for the media to see.

Rajasekhar objected to Naresh saying everything as ‘Me’. He remarked that he should start using ‘We’ for the greater good of the Association. Having made these remarks, he walked away from the Event. Jeevitha also made similar comments and also said how they wanted to Skip this event, but Naresh’s Personal Invitation forced them to attend. Naresh is visibly uncomfortable and said it is going to be a Team Work. The difference is to have cropped up right on the first day. Let us see how they travel together for two years.

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