Dil Raju Following Srimanthudu Policy

Dil Raju - File Photo

Dil Raju is a brand of sorts today. Whatever he touches becomes the talking point in the film industry. If he buys the distribution rights of a film it becomes hot in the trade, if he decides to present a low budget film, the film suddenly gains hype. Such is the clout of Dil Raju right now in the industry. But Dil Raju has come up the hard way. After distributing a spate of flop films, he became a full-time producer with Dil in 2003. Director VV Vinayak who was riding high after the success of Aadi agreed to direct the first film on Dil Raju’s banner. VV Vinayak’s timely help and brilliant direction started the super successful journey of Dil Raju in becoming the pioneers of modern Telugu Cinema.

Now VV Vinayak is facing a slump in his career. After back to back disasters like Akhil and Inttelligent, he is completely out of form with no work. Out of the blue, in a shocking turn of events a debutante director Narasimha, who was an erstwhile assistant to Mani Ratnam, has offered to make a film with VV Vinayak as the hero. The icing on the cake is Dil Raju has agreed to produce the film on his prestigious banner. The film has been titled Seenayya.

Dil Raju and VV Vinayak have been thick friends even though they have worked together on only one film ‘Dil’. Now Dil Raju has decided to return the favor to his friend Vinayak by producing the film in a lavish way and put his career back on track. Like the dialogue in Srimanthudu goes, ‘Manam Theesukunnadhi Thirigi Icheyali, Ledhante Laavai Pothamu,’ maybe Dil Raju is following that policy.

Manisharma is composing the music for Seenayya and the first look posters featuring Vinayak have received tremendous response from trade as well as the audience.