Dil Raju says Prakash Raj is in ‘SVSC’

Entire movie media reported that Prakash Raj has walked out of SVSC owing to some conflicts between producer Dil Raju’. Many believed media reports as neither Prakash Raj and Producer Dil Raju spoke on this issue. But today Producer Dil Raju, when asked personally said " Untill Prakash Raj has not told anything from his mouth, he will be in our movie , he was even upset with the media saying how did the news has flashed all over when infact I myself never knew that he is not in the team.". He confirms us that Mr Prakash Raj is still and will be the important part of the movie and will not be even replaced by anybody else.


He also confirms that, soon he will announce the entire Star Cast to avoid all these confusion in a Press meet.