Director Parasuram special with MFS

Director Parasuram special with MFS

Parasuram who proved himself with the film ‘Yuvatha’, later he achieved success with ‘Anjaneyulu and Solo’. Now he is coming with Mass Maharaja Raviteja for ‘Saarochcharu’, a romantic entertainer. 

MyfirstshowCan you tell our viewers about your background? 

Parusuram– I hail from a nearby place at Narsipatnam, Vizag and after my schooling at Navodaya, I pursued my MBA in AU campus.

MyfirstshowWhat inspired you to come to the industry?

Parusuram– Not like passion, just liked watching movies. Puri happened to be my cousin and he gave me guidance.

MyfirstshowHow did you make tour Tollywood debut?

Parusuram– I worked as an assistant director with the directors Puri Jagannath, Veeru Potla, Bommarillu Bhaskar.

MyfirstshowYou have earlier directed Ravi Teja for ‘Anjaneyulu’ and now in ‘Saarocharu’. What’s the difference between the two films?

Parusuram– ‘Saarocharu’ is a triangular love story. A clean entertainer.

Myfirstshow Is Kajal have main role in the film compared to Richa?

Parusuram Both played in important roles

Myfirstshow What is the duration of Sarochchadu

Parusuram– It will be for 2 hours.

Myfirstshow– Are you planning to make another film with Raviteja

Parusuram– Nothing in particular. If he gives dates, I will definitely do. 
Myfirstshow– Do you have in mind any hero while writing a story or you decide the hero after finishing your script?

Parusuram- Nothing like that. Once the story is ready any hero can be contacted who suits for the role. 
MyfirstshowTell your experience with Vyjayanthi Movies?

Parusuram- Right from childhood, I am watching NTR emblem on Vyjayanthi Movies banner for their all films, I dreamed of seeing my name also to come in the banner. My dream got fulfilled now by doing this picture.

Myfirstshow Why is ‘Saarocharu’ is arriving?

Parusuram– Every girl has a dream about the person with whom she has to spend rest of her life. The film has two beautiful girls and it depicts their dreams, aspirations and ambitions and what they did to fulfill them. They are smitten by a football coach and he will become ‘sir’ for only one girl.

MyfirstshowThe film has a tagline ‘Manchi Premakatha’. It has any special reason?

Parusuram-Love has nothing to do with age. It is universal and every stage of life has love but victory is not its only aim but has something more. That is the real reason behind the caption.

Myfirstshow– Raviteja seems to be playing role different from earlier films?

Parusuram– It appears like that and he is the only one who could do justice to the role. He readily agreed the moment I narrated him the story. I felt I have scored half the victory. I have lot of confidence in the film. Cinematographer Vijay Chakravarty, Devi Sri Prasad’s music is the highlight for the film. Vyjayanthi Movies showed confidence in the film which has no antagonist in the film.

Myfirstshow– You have directed sisters Kajal and Nisha Agarwal? For whom will you give more marks?

Parusuram- Nisha did full justice for her role in ‘Solo’ and the same with Kajal in ‘Saarochcharu’. Since both of them share good family relationship and hence my job became easier.

Myfirstshow You have directed young heroes Nikhil,Rohit and now with senior Raviteja. With whom did you find it easier?

Parusuram- Any story should go according to director and star hero should have commercial elements. Director’s talent is highlighted how both of them are synchronised. Both Star Image and Commerical values help the film.

Myfirstshow– Don’t you feel story,screenplay,dialogues and direction will not burden a person?

Parusuram- I never looked all the four in a different manner.I feel all the three including direction is a responsibility. I imbibed this quality from all the directors I have worked.

Myfirstshow What are your future projects

Parusuram- Nothing at present. Will reveal once discussions are completed

Myfirstshow signed off wishing good luck to entire team of ‘Saarochcharu’.


Director Parasuram special with MFS
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