Prasanth Varma’s sensational comments on Kalki

Prasanth varma comments about Kalki

Director Prasanth Varma is the man of the moment as his movie Kalki released to mixed reviews last Friday. He interacted with the media on Sunday and made some sensational comments on the movie. He stated, “Even I might have even a low rating if I was a critic to Kalki. This is not the kind of movie that critics will appreciate and I got a good response from the audiences we aimed at. This kind of screenplay is said to be a twist based one and my next will not have similar kind!”

He also chose not to speak about his next movie which is the remake of Bollywood hit ‘Queen’. He said, “I finished the film in 31 days and I am not supposed to say all this in anyway. I might get into trouble for saying these things.”

Right now he is working on a web series for Hotstar.